Use conditions

This electronic gate is for Al Madinah Al Monawara Development Authority and available for your personal use; and your access and use of this gate are subject to clauses and uses of use of this page or any other part of site; and use of this site is subject to rules of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and also your reach and access to gate shall be deemed to be an unconditional approval for clauses and conditions of use.

Note that these terms and conditions are subject to change or amendment at any time without prior notice.

These clauses and conditions of use include section related to privacy policy and disclaimer of responsibility.

Use constraints:

On using gate of Al Madinah Al Monawara Development Authority, you declare that you abstain of the following: Provision or loading of files that contain software, materials or other data or information not owned by you or for which you do not own a license. Use of this gate in any way to send commercial or undesirable email or misuse of gate of Authority, provision of loading of files on this gate containing viruses or damaged data, publishing, advertising, distributing or circularizing materials or information containing defamation, breach of laws, or porno or bad materials or contrary to Islamic instructions or public ethics, or any illegal materials or information through the gate; subscribing through the gate in illegitimate or illegal activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; advertising in gate for a product or service that put the Authority in position of breach against any law or rule applicable in any field; use of any means, program or procedure to object or try to object the correct operation of gate; and adopting any procedure that may impose unreasonable , big or improper load on infrastructure of gate of the Authority.

Use of links from and to Al Madinah Al Monawara Development Authority:

Except as stated below, it is prohibited to transfer or copy any of contents of gate, or create any electronic links related thereto, or presentation of any one of them in a framework.

.           It may put links related to gate in any other sites, whose aims and general trends are not contrary to aims, policies and frameworks of work of electronic gate of Authority.

.           Authority shall keep its full rights to stop and barrier any connection in any form from any site containing improper , flagrant, aggressive, bad, porno, improper, unacceptable or illegal subjects, or names, materials or information breaching any law, or violate any rights of intellectual ownership, rights of privacy or public rights. Authority maintains the right to break-down any connection in any way not licensed, and it does not assume any responsibility for the contents available on any other site accessed through this gate or from which it may access to this gate.

Links from Authority’s gate to gates of other authorities:

Links of contact related to other gates and / or sites are available to make it easy for the visitor; and the Authority and gate management are not responsible for contents, credibility of gates and / or sites, to which we are connected, and we do not attest their contents. Therefore, use of any of these links to access to these sites or gate shall be made under your own and full responsibility. While we aim at replacing the disconnected electronic links – not working ones – in other sites, and since we do not have control or domain over these links, so we do not guarantee, in any way, that these links shall work permanently.

Protection against viruses

Gate management exerts an effort to examine and test contents of electronic gate of Al Madinah Al Monawara Development Authority in all work phases. We recommend you that you should always operate an anti-virus program in all materials you load online. We assume no responsibility for any loss, disconnection or damage of your data or your computer, which may take place during contact to this gate or on using any materials from content or others stated therein.

Disclaimer of claims:

Electronic gate of Al Madinah Al Monawara Development Authority, and services rendered through it, and information, materials and jobs available thereon, or may be accessed through the gate are available for your personal use “As they are” without any declaration, promises or guarantees of any type. We can not guarantee or assume any responsibility for any disconnections, mistakes or violations that may arise out of use of this gate or its contents, or any site connected thereto – whether or not this is with our knowledge. Any contacts or information, which the user may send through this gate will not give him the right to own, or the right to guarantee its confidentiality; and any public or reactive use in particular and included in this gate shall not guarantee and will not mean that it shall guarantee for the user any rights, licenses or any privileges of any type. In case Authority waives any right available for it, and defined within these conditions in any place or one of occasions, this does not mean in any case a spontaneous assignment and permanently any rights in other places and occasions.

Limits of responsibility:

Electronic services rendered by electronic gate of Al Madinah Al Monawara Development Authority on internet are rendered only to facilitate manual procedures. Therefore, you declare your full awareness that contacts on the internet may be subject to intervention or objection on the part of third parties. Therefore, resort to this gate is still under your own responsibility; and gate assumes, in any case, no responsibility for any loss or damage of any type that may be inflicted to you because of your use or visit to the gate, or your dependence on any statement, opinion or advertisement therein, or what may be resulted in terms of any delay in operation, or difficulty of contact, or problems of access to internet , or break-down of equipment, programs, behavior or ideas of any person accessing into this gate. As a result, here you declare and agree that your exclusive and sole means to treat any damage or loss that may take place as a result of tour access or use of this gate is to abstain from using, accessing to it or not to continue in doing it.


You hereby declare not to make any action against Al Madinah Al Monawara Development Authority or any bodies belonging to it, and any of employees responsible for management, maintenance, updating or presentation of gate of Authority. With regards to any obligations and responsibilities that may arise pertaining to any claims arising out of any breach on your part to clauses and conditions of use, or any of laws valid in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Termination of use:

Management of gate, and as per its absolute assessment, may terminate, constrain or stop your right to access to gate and use it, without giving any notice and for no reason, including violation of conditions and clauses of use, or any other behavior that the management may, as per its own assessment, deem to be illegal or harmful to others; and in case of termination, you will not be licenses to access to this gate.

Intellectual rights:

.           All materials of content as published in gate, and also sites belonging thereto, shall be subject of rights of intellectual property, including the stipulations, figures, photos, programs or designs … etc.

.           Management of gate allows the users to show up and browse pages of gate and make paper print for the personal use.

.           Information Technology Department supervises technically management of gate, and it is a department belonging to Al Madinah Al Monawara Development Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and all materials available in this gate, including stipulations and photographic drawings of information and software (Contents) , designs …. Etc., are protected as per rights of publishing and trade marks, and other forms of ownership rights.

.           Whereas one of main aims of gate is represented in increasing awareness, publishing of knowledge to users and visitors of gate, so it is allowed for the personal use and non-profitable use to get benefits from contents of gate and any information published thereon, together with necessity of referring that gate of Al Madinah Al Monawara Development Authority is source of such contents and information/

In case of personal use, you may print any part of content. On the other hand, it may not be allowed in any way to sell, license, lease, amend, copy, reproduce, re-print or load, advertise, transfer, distribute, show up publicly, edit or create works derived from any materials or contents of this gate to audience, or for commercial purposes. In this case, and for any general use of any parts of contents of the gate, it is required to get the prior written consent from gate management in Al Madinah Al Monawara Development Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, together with assuring that it is necessary to comply with Saudi Law of Intellectual Property Protection and what may be stated within this document.

.           It is totally prohibited to make any amendment to any of contents of gate. Further, drawings and photos in this gate are protected as per rights of publishing; and they may not be reproduced or utilized in any way whatsoever without a prior written consent of gate management.

.           It is a must to refer to gate of Al Madinah Al Monawara Development Authority on using any content stated in its electronic gate.

Judicial reference

The user hereby agrees to be exclusively subject to judicial powers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding all claims and controversies arising out of use of this site, noting that the Arabic language shall be the official language used to solve any controversies arising out of your use of site or any of its contents.